The TGM Plugins list got updated… big time!

These are the TGM Plugin Categories and recommended plugins. The plugins in Bold are served from this server, all others from This list is fluid, thus plugins will get added and deleted from time to time.

Any changes to this list will be documented in this thread, and at . The RSS feeds of this site is shown in your WordPress installations Dashboard. The feed will contain only 3 feeds. The Dashboard RSS feeds can be disabled in the customizer, or they can be configured to display any feed of your choosing, a good way to feed your news, updates and promotions to your own customers.

The list is extensive, and can be configured to push your plugins very easily, or disable the whole TGM business altogether, which some do, to my ashtonishment.

Last Updated: February  27, 2017 – The plugins in bold are served by our own Quicker Themes server.

The new plugins added are the following:

In Essentials: Classic Editor, and Gutenberg Manager

In Woocommerce: Non Purchasable Woocommerce Products

In Security: All In One Migration

Misc: Private Content, FluentForms, If Menu, Ninja Tables, Relevanssi

In Development: Customizer Snapshots

Removed the plugin Nav Menu Roles from the Misc category, but we get the If Menu plugin as a better replacement for it.

Below is the latest completed list:

******************* Essentials:



customizer export import

Advanced Database Cleaner

Sticky Menu or Anything on scroll

Advanced Image Styles

Shortcodes by Angie

Max Mega Menu

Easy Featured Images

WP Editor Widget


Classic Editor

Gutenberg Manager

********************** Misc:

bf image comparison

add media from FTP

admin menu editor



visual form builder



WD Google Maps



WP Canvas Gallery

Nav Menu Roles


Page Scroll to ID

Yoast SEO – WordPress SEO

Hide Show Comment




Asgaros Forum

Image Effect CK

Responsive Text To Speech

WP Show Posts

WP Tables

Private Content


If Menu

Ninja Tables


******************** Sliders:

Crelly Slider

mb.YTPlayer for background videos

Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

******************** Security:

passwordless login

temporary login without password






UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration


Infinite WP


Block New Admin

WP Blame

Hide wp-login


All In One Migration

******************** Speed:

Simple Cache


Plugin Organizer

************************ Development:

plugin cards

wp staging


user switching

admin bar user switching

Plugin Toggle

Microthemer Lite




Query Monitor



Widget Importer & Exporter

Customizer Snapshots

*********************** Woocommerce:

WooCommerce Shortcodes




Woocommerce Menu Cart

Woocommerce Role Based Price


Grant download permissions for past WooCommerce orders

Sale Counter

WooCommerce Digital Goods Checkout

WooCommerce Personal Discount

Non Purchasable Woocommerce Products

***********************  Page Builders:

SiteOrigin Page builder

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

Livemesh SiteOrigin Widgets

SiteOrigin Widgets by CodeLights

SO Page Builder Animate


The QT Builder plugin is updated to 1.0.2

There is a new QT Builder update, which makes it 100% compatible with WordPress 4.8x. WordPress with this version updated the TinyMCE libraries, which made the earlier versions of the QT Page Builder plugin not fully compatible. The editor’s buttons were not working. This update fixes all that.

To get the update, delete the QT Builder V1.01 plugin, and get the update though TGM Plugin installer, it’s in the Essentials category.

In the near future, all plugin updates served from the, along with the TGM plugin list categories will be updated with the Tuxedo Software Updater, so you will get a notification in the backsite, and with one click you will be able to update the plugins even if they are not activated. I have not decided to make the updates automatic, so you would get them whether you like it or not, or simply get the notification and you decide. Any feedback about the automatic updates are welcomed.

This update version of the QT Builder does not contain the code for the Tuxedo updates, but the next version will, along with all the others. When this happens, it will be announced.

Brand New QTCSS Plugin

A brand new QTCSS plugin has now replaced the old QTCSS plugin. When the plugin is installed and activated through the TGM plugin installer (found in the Misc. Category), it will replace the theme’s css preset  and css for posts/pages system.

  • The theme’s system does not work on archive pages, and it does not have the facilities to view or even edit the css files.
  • The old QTCSS plugin was not compatible with Woocommerce (very important), or any other CPT.

Both of these above limitations are now fixed thanks to the new QTCSS plugin.

The brand new QTCSS plugin has the following features:

  • Just like the old QTCSS plugin you can view the css/js files.
  • Unlike the old QTCSS plugin, you can even edit the css/js files. You cannot however create new files. If you want to create new CSS or JS files, you need to first create them locally, and FTP them into the theme.
  • Unlike the old QTCSS plugin, where you were able to use only files in a preset CSS and JS folders, be default, you now have access to all css and JS files present in the entire theme. However, from the settings menu, you can limit to any folder you like, thus making things easier to handle.
  • Just like the old QTCSS plugin, you will be able to load multiple css/js files in any post/page/CPT. The method of doing so has changed. The old plugin was using checkboxes, while the new plugin uses AJAX.
  • Finally, unlike anything we had before, we can now set CSS/JS files site wide, making plugins like CSSOR, or child themes where ONLY css was added (not php) unnecessary anymore. Furthermore, these site wide CSS/JS rules/files now work with archive pages, unlike the theme’s CSS system.

If you only need a simple system to have CSS settings set for certain posts/pages, the theme’s CSS built-in system is adequate. However, if you want the same functionality that also requires the ability to influence the archive pages, plus the ability to add Javascript files, and be able to edit the preset CSS/JS files, this plugin is a must.

The QTCSS plugin was based on James Low’s excellent code.

Added the Image Effect CK plugin to the Misc category of the TGM plugins list

The Image Effect CK plugin was added to the Misc. category of the TGM plugins list.

All you have to do is add one of the 24 effect classes to an image, making sure that the lightbox class is not present, set the Title and Description in the title tag of the image, separated by 2 colons – :: , and you are good to go. Better used with a page builders columns, we recommend the QT builder, or the themes columns.

All the classes that can be used are:

effectck-lily, effectck-oscar, effectck-sadie, effectck-honey, effectck-layla, effectck-zoe, effectck-marley, effectck-ruby, effectck-roxy, effectck-bubba, effectck-romeo, effectck-dexter, effectck-sarah, effectck-chico, effectck-milo, effectck-julia, effectck-goliath, effectck-selena, effectck-apollo, effectck-steve, effectck-moses, effectck-jazz, effectck-ming, effectck-duke

Here is an example page using this plugin:

And here is a short Youtube video demonstration:

The wpmbytplayer plugin is moved to the TGM “Sliders” Category.

The wpmbytplayer plugin is being moved to the TGM “Sliders” Category.

Furthermore, because their were changes made to it by the developer, the plugin is now served by our servers and not from the WordPress plugin repository.

The plugin was bumped to V3.x and it is now almost rendered useless, as you can now only set a background  video on the homepage. There is noway to use the shortcodes now, to use it on any page/post you like, and more importantly, there is no way to insert the videos inline, which I prefer the way to use this plugin.

To get the fully working version of this plugin V3 and up, the developer want 8Euros/site, roughly $10 US. The developer also has a developer license of 55Euros/theme, roughly $60 US. In both cases this makes it impossible to include any paid versions of the plugin. If you have 10 themes for distribution, this is going to cost you $600, which is way too steep of a price fora plugin that is not essential, and for what it actually does. That said, this plugin is the absolute best for what it does, especially including inline videos where you control the height of the videos, along with other parameters like volume, not found in any other plugin, free or premium. The only way to include the premium version of this plugin to the QT Plugin is to have an unlimited use Developer license, and not per site or per theme.

I will adopt rebrand and maintain V2.x of this plugin which I absolutely love, and I will see to create a plugin or incorporate this version of the plugin in to the core of the QT themes.

Regarding WP Canvas Shortcodes

Update – 11/16/2016:

It seems that the WP Canvas Shortcode plugin is back online. To insure it’s continued availability we will continue installing it from the Quicker Themes server, for a few weeks, and then change the TGM scripts to download the plugin directly from

It seems that for whatever reason the WP Canvas Shortcodes has been removed from the repositories. Because we really like this particular plugin, and heavily use and promote it as well, it will now be served and maintained by Quicker Themes through TGM. It will still be found under the Essentials category.